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Sore... thumb?

That's the last part of me I'm thinking of as sore after browsing through his gallery... I was gonna hold this off for a bit, due to the oversaturation of his art, but oh hell, it's not gonna stop anyway, is it, so here we go, get yer hammers and yer thumbs ready!

"This's the first picture of a two-part series I drew for Hoodah. This's our characters, Shoan eating Dhot. Mmm. I love little short-breath marks. 83 Dhot's getting quite hot!... but.. let's just say that the reason why is that it's 98.6 degrees in at least a HUMAN's mouth.. ;3"

So, let me get this straight. It's 98.6 degrees in a human's mouth so some furvert can get a sick thrill at the thought of being eaten? Hmmm... Never learned that in high school biology...

"Axen and Dewsmoke. Dewsmoke is the dominating blue dragon on top, Axen is the wiry and skittish fox beneath. He wasnt' so sure about doing it 'doggy style' but she just went ahead with it. (I use "she" for hermaphrodites, sorry about that.) She likes to choke some subjects with the tendrils of smoke from inside her."

Um... errrr... sometimes I like to eat cold pizza in the morning instead of cereal... I am so cool...

....Yet another Nerf rocket waiting to be fired.

"Rocks was one of soon-to-be-many victims of this strange new helium-and-latex-generating bacterial. IT spreads instantly by skin contact, rapidly eating and replacing everything; skin with latex, blood and other mostly-water insides with helium, constantly sending pleasure to the nerves and consequently, to the brain... It also spreads, Changing their ejaculate to have this helium-latex-bacteria in the pre, and a weightier combination in the ejaculate with the beast's original sperm..
So what it is, basically, is an easy-to-spread bacteria, as more and more furs float up to drift and spread this...
It is, of couse, how Rocks got it originally. >:3

This image is only 38% of the original size. Feel free to contact me for a 57%-of-the-original. :3"

...for a grand total of 95% of your brains being bludgeoned into pudding (where the other 5% went, I don't care to know). The rest of this is just way too damn ludicrous in it's complexity for me to sort through. I invite you all to make up your own comments.

...Psst! SoreThumb, you appear to have a butt for a nose!
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